Figures of Merit

class lumopt.figures_of_merit.modematch.ModeMatch(monitor_name, mode_number, direction, multi_freq_src=False, target_T_fwd=<function ModeMatch.<lambda>>, norm_p=1)

Calculates the figure of merit from an overlap integral between the fields recorded by a field monitor and the slected mode. A mode expansion monitor is added to the field monitor to calculate the overlap result, which appears as T_forward in the list of mode expansion monitor results. The T_forward result is described in the following page:

This result is equivalent to equation (7) in the following paper:

C. Lalau-Keraly, S. Bhargava, O. Miller, and E. Yablonovitch, “Adjoint shape optimization applied to electromagnetic design,” Opt. Express 21, 21693-21701 (2013).
  • monitor_name – name of the field monitor that records the fields to be used in the mode overlap calculation.
  • mode_number – mode number in the list of modes generated by the mode expansion monitor.
  • direction – direction of propagation (‘Forward’ or ‘Backward’) of the mode injected by the source.
  • multi_freq_src – bool flag to enable / disable a multi-frequency mode calculation and injection for the adjoint source.
  • target_T_fwd – function describing the target T_forward vs wavelength (see documentation for mode expansion monitors).
  • norm_p – exponent of the p-norm used to generate the figure of merit; use to generate the FOM.