class lumopt.utilities.materials.Material(base_epsilon=1.0, name='<Object defined dielectric>', mesh_order=None)

Permittivity of a material associated with a geometric primitive. In FDTD Solutions, a material can be given in two ways:

  1. By providing a material name from the material database (e.g. ‘Si (Silicon) - Palik’) that can be assigned to a geometric primitive.
  2. By providing a refractive index value directly in geometric primitive.

To use the first option, simply set the name to ‘<Object defined dielectric>’ and enter the desired base permittivity value. To use the second option, set the name to the desired material name (base permittivity will be ignored).

  • name – string (such as ‘Si (Silicon) - Palik’) with a valid material name.
  • base_epsilon – scalar base permittivity value.
  • mesh_order – order of material resolution for overlapping primitives.